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Gamejoltdownload.com's Terms of Use is a very useful part. It helps the user learn about the rules that we apply before they read reviews of FNAF games.

Terms of Use is one of the most important chapters alongside about us. Meanwhile, Gamejoltdownload.com is an affiliate website of FNAF games. To be an official customer of our site, please take a look at the following terms!

What are the Terms of Use?

We set terms for the current site and store them to prevent violations. Additionally, we wish to bring back a friendly and healthy place for all players. So, we won’t permit any illegal cases to happen. Therefore, it’s helpful for you to understand what we do and protect your interests.

We have introduced reviews along with tips & tricks, and guides to play FNAF. It is essential for users to accept our terms once they connect to our service.

License and site access

Images with text, graphics, and content do not belong to us. They are the property of their creator. As a result, we are only responsible for giving you the review content in the articles. Because that’s unique, you cannot collect them without our permission.

We still supply a limited license to enter and mine our website. In the spite of the fact that we build rules for visitors and block them from editing or missing the content, you can control the website when you are permitted.

Communicating with users

The website’s owners and users utilize email to send and gather feedback. When you have a request, you can grant it to us via info@gamejoltdownload.com. We will reply as soon as we can. Besides, both parties pick email to communicate with each other.

Privacy Policy and the relationship with Terms of Use

There is a specific part about the Privacy Policy that you can find on the existing website. It allows you to see what information we store and how we take it. Together with Terms of Use, it’s a crucial section of Gamejoltdownload.com.


These ads will appear in overall reviews. But, their content will not come from us, excluding general kinds of ads from third parties. It will guarantee that there will have no advertisements and unsuitable content. You can report any wrong ads via the email address above.

Terms of Use for all people who join Gamejoltdownload.com

When you visit our website, you also gain our terms of use as well as our online services in the appropriate method. In other words, there are only legal activities on our site.

  • So, you can work with us to dig deeper into the issue if there is any illegal activity.
  • Next, you should avoid threatening languages or we will consider your case.
  • Aside from that, users should not change, misuse, or copy elements that we publish, own, and host.
  • Finally, your account is for online services. If you generate an account, you can manage your private information, comprising the username and password.

Security and Terms of Use

We’d like to mention data protection. We will gather, use, and even guard your data when you’re playing FNaF games on Gamejoltdownload.com. Remember to have a look at our Privacy Policy!

Terms of Use are extremely significant for those who will play Five Nights at Freddy’s games and related titles on Gamejoltdownload.com. They are great to point you to what rules we cover with them before reading reviews of Fnaf games.

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