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Privacy Policy of collects the users' information whilst they’re accessing the website. It’s free to be aware of why we do that, too.

Privacy Policy is necessary to explore if you decide to log into the website. In other words, it helps the site be more unbreakable and consistent. So, you should spend a little time reading all of the information about the current part. Please understand and agree with the requirements!

Privacy Policy of

The following section will provide the full Privacy Policy for the existing website. If you are a user, it’s really essential to check everything available below. More importantly, it’s useful for everybody to see what information about them that we gather.

So, our website,, is a place that is dedicated to introducing FNAF including FNaF online and download. That location contains various genres on web browsers. Therefore, we launch reviews on these games. That’s helpful for players to choose what they want rightfully before they head to their games.

Main features

Along with about us or terms of use, the privacy policy of the present website will show you a few crucial features. Thus, they allow you to learn much more about the site that you are approaching before utilizing online services.

  • The type of info that we accumulate
  • The cause why we have your information
  • Type of the info that we do not rack up
  • The way that users connect and control the information that we gathered
  • Data about cookies
  • Data about our privacy

Type of information that we store

When you open reviews on and roll up or down, you offer your basic data to us. As a result, it consists of your preferences with other info that involves your play.

Secondly, the information that you utilize to contact us. They comprise avatar/profile image, username, email, address, and name, together with the password that you choose for registering the game account.

Additionally, we save the data that you have given to use for advertising purposes as well. It revolves around the games that you joined, your IP Address, your nation, your time zone, the local settings, the network connection, with the browser.

Not only that, we will receive your device’s ID, user ID, and so on. They relate to the game that you enjoyed on our website for analysis. However, this will carry the ads that you have viewed and selected.

Especially, there are third parties and they will assemble some facts about you, for example, Facebook. Then, they have your Facebook name, profile pictures, Facebook ID, and public data about your contacts.

Privacy Policy and why we gather your information

We must gather your info when you work on online services due to some reasons below:

  • Your data is useful to find out how to make our service better.
  • We can contact you if you need our help. You can send your request via
  • We can search for new users or put ads to maintain the website.
  • We’re easy to spot and block illegal behaviors.

The type of information that we don’t collect

We do not encourage kids under the age of 18 to access games because they are inappropriate for them. Consequently, we don’t get inexact info and info of these persons.

How users can enter and manage their data

Users can visit and run their data. It’s not difficult for them to access and edit or delete it. Don’t forget to keep reading the rest, including a few of the most critical matters of Privacy Policy!

Cookies and Privacy Policy

We start cookies on our website to obtain information about users. Moreover, we can select other technologies. A cookie is a string of info that a website has on a visitor’s computer and on the web browser that the visitor launches when they come back to the site.

Also, almost websites use cookies to organize their websites. With cookies, we can realize how our website is working and who is using it. There are some cookies that people are utilizing on our website.

Security follows decent security practices to stop users from using it wrongly with their private info. We apply passwords to guard the database that we have. And for this reason, the website manager will deploy passwords to move to the system.

Despite we put technical methods so that our security can operate, users should remember that no security system can fend off every security violation. But, we will attempt to fix them and maintain the system in the best state.

Although it’s pretty complicated to read Privacy Policy for, it’s extremely significant to keep safe your interests and feel pleasant when using. Please report breaches if you locate them!

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