Check out your own survivability inside the challenge of Five Nights at Mumbo's 2 a horror FNAF fan-made game and get through all levels without being captured!

Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2 free download is an astonishing scary fangame based on the popular title of Scott, Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is about a survival adventure that is dropped into a creepy house. So as to become the winner and stay alive, you are forced to learn how to close the door, control the lights, and hide in the locker. As in FNAF games, they will be the main weapons that will allow you to protect your body from wicked roaming animatronic monsters.

Five Nights at Mumbo's 2 Fangame
Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2 Fangame

Play Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2 Gamejolt and you need to deploy tools or perform your action properly. Once you find a ragdoll in the table, don’t forget to switch off the bulbs. In case the Prototype Mumbo has broken into your room, quickly move into the closet! Additionally, lock the entrance when you see Mumbo and Wheezy! Meanwhile, pressing down the Wind Music button in the party after you are warned will help you escape from an opponent. Remember to join the minigame and reveal mysteries!

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