Honeybear's Fantasy Cancelled Demo is a good horror Fnaf fan-made game. Download the version and always protect your night guard from evil roaming animatronics!

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo is an exciting Fnaf download. Play the selected game smartly and survive as long as possible! Especially, you will become the winner if you can stay alive at the end of the match set for several days. Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo is regarded as a small Fnaf fangame which is based on the original. In which, you are allowed to free roam while taking charge of the night shift, from 12 AM to 6 AM.

Honeybears Fantasy Cancelled
Honeybears Fantasy Cancelled

You are asked to monitor the power as well as control the temperature. Both of them are important to make sure no robots act up oddly. Actually, in Fnaf Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo, you are hired to work as a guard at a tavern for kids. Families come here to enjoy food and shows of robotic characters which are also the foes that you are forced to prevent from entering your place. Begin your first level now! 

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