About Freddy’s Bomb

Play online the fun-addicting Fnaf Freddy’s Bomb arcade game as a Bomberman and complete various missions to become the winner! In which, you are recommended to destroy your foes as fast as possible before they do the same for you. Once you fulfill your job and stay alive at the end of the match, you can easily achieve your goal.

Although Freddy’s Bomb is inspired by the storyline in Fnaf games and you start off with a security guard, you will have to apply another way to help yourself survive for 5 nights at Freddy Fazbear’s. Actually, you will be equipped with a useful inventory containing lots of bombs instead of normal items like cameras or doors. Not only that, it’s simple to drop these special weapons on the maze. Be careful! You do not get close to any explosion in Fnaf Freddy’s Bomb or you will die. After you put down something, you must run away. Try to act up wisely because of the limited visibility! Do not skip gold to dress-up your player! Are you willing to fight and win? Good luck!

How to play

Tap WASD to move around, Space bar to place bombs

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