About Five Nights At SPONGEBOB’S

Five Nights At SPONGEBOB’S is one of the most awesome FNAF games online. This scary game online centers on the Freddy’s Pizzeria – a famous horror restaurant from FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. You come here to for a new adventure in which you must survive all creepy nights and keep yourself away from Spongebob with his friends who want to destroy you every night. Staying in a room alone yourself, nothing will be easy for you to handle things outside, especially when the animatronic robots start roaming. With the cameras, you must check their movement, and with the doors, you have to shut them in time, as well as toggle the lights wisely for your survival. Your power will run out through over time, so you need to use these provided items carefully. Once all power is gone, the animatronics will be able to come in and attack you. You must not lose any hopes! Try your hardest to deal with them and survive until the end!

How to play

Interact with the animatronics and things in the game using the mouse only.

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