Five Nights At Candy’s

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Five Nights At Candy’s by Emil Macko is a great Fnaf fan-made game. Similar to first chapters from the original series, you will start off with a newly hired security guard and work at a creepy building. You arrive at a local restaurant in Five Nights At Candy’s. It is known as Candy’s Burgers and Fries to embark on the part-time that you have accepted. Your shift will last for many hours. And, it is an important period that you should conquer for survival!

Five Nights At Candy’s is set in a haunted place where you are forced to protect your area or your body from animatronic characters. They can roam throughout the location and they have not the same movement pattern. Therefore, in Five Nights At Candy’s, you are recommended to check cameras often in order to track down their behavior as well as make a plan to deal with their onslaught. Its night vision will help you supervise the entire zone. Additionally, closing 3 doors will keep them away. Enjoy and see if how long you can play!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the door, Space bar to control the camera’s night vision

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