About Five Fights At Freddy’s

Five Fights At Freddy’s is a free-to-play online action game based off the popular Fnaf games by Scott Cawthon. Hop into a new job and control one of five scary animatronic characters to defeat your rivals in a crazy survival match. It’s best to time your action because that will help you conquer the mission sooner! Aside from releasing critical hits during Five Fights At Freddy’s, you should not ignore blocking deadly attacks promptly. You can protect your player and survive until you become the winner. So, everything in the present title is different from the original because you will be able to choose and support robots. Are you ready to discover Five Fights At Freddy’s and rule the restaurant? Firstly, pick out a favorite fighter. Next, master keys and deploy them properly to drain the other’s energy. Attempt to maintain your HP bar and knock down every opponent as fast as possible!

How to play

Press Left or A to block high, Down or S to block low. Use Up or W to punch high, Right or D to punch low

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