Ultimate Custom Night II Demo
Ultimate Custom Night II Demo

The developer of Ultimate Custom Night II finally releases the complete game on Gamejolt. It is a unique place where you can find all characters who did not appear in Ultimate Custom Night. You will play like a security guard working at a haunted local restaurant, from 12 AM to 6 AM. Aside from the main task, you have to accomplish another mission, related to your survival.

Before you start to turn on devices in the office of FNAF Ultimate Custom Night, you can reset the AI. It is the difficulty level of animatronics. Your action will directly influence how aggressive they behave in Ultimate Custom Night Download. Of course, you are recommended to keep an eye on their movement although you set it to zero. They can invade your room to catch and kill you whenever. Are you ready to discover the location, their jumps, and everything hidden in the dark? Always attempt to prevent them from breaking into your space! Otherwise, you will die!

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