Twisted Past is a new fan-made game you can download and play for free. Check it out for a new scary adventure then see if you will be able to make it until the end. 

If you want to experience another horror fan-made Fnaf game, you should quickly join Twisted Past which is free to download now. The game is kind of like one called Those Nights at Fredbear’s remake, however, it’s still a bit different thanks to twisted animatronics, more levels, and more other elements.

Fnaf Twisted Past
Fnaf Twisted Past

Surely, this fan game title will keep you engaged for hours. You can play it on your Windows PC after downloading it. Once the adventure is kicked off, you will make your way through a scary building trying to uncover all the secrets of this place. But it’s not easy at all when you will face off against many animatronics standing in your way.

You have to do something and use any strategies you have on your mind to fend them off for your survival. If you get jumpscared, it will be a game over for you. Try to survive until the end of the adventure and prove that you are the best survivor!

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