It is available to play The End of McDonald’s at Gamejolt Download! Hop into another horror fanmade inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s and figure out all chances to survive! The foes that you will encounter in the next challenge will consist of many wicked animatronic characters from the real Fnaf series. They can roam throughout the building, hide in dark, break into your place, and jump out to catch you. If you let these moves happen, you will lose.

The End of McDonald's
The End of McDonald’s

The End of McDonald’s is known as the second chapter of Five Nights with Mac Tonight: First Fast Food. Both of them are survival titles. To the sequel, there are still to make a custom night. The story is set after the closing of McDonald’s First-Fast Food and the failure of McDonald’s. However, the JVE company did not give up. They decided to create “FUTURE Fast-Food” in which McDonald’s could work with remastered mascots. You have been hired to watch the factory for a week. It is also the moment that you start to encounter killer machines! Have fun!

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