The Custom Night Game opens a new future, containing lots of Easter Eggs and challenges to unlock. Play your favorite Fnaf fangame and check your survival skills!

The Custom Night Game has been launched on Gamejolt! It offers level 1 & 2 with extra challenges. Besides, it is simple to see more achievements and so on. Come to the “greatest and the most ultimate” Custom Night you can play for free your way. There will be two long and difficult grades to test.

The Custom Night Game
The Custom Night Game

Not only that, FNAF The Custom Night Game which is designed with pixel and 3D graphics will bring many unique features. In which, you can experience the puzzle along with animatronics that you like. Do not forget that Easter Eggs will be an important part of The Custom Night Game. Download the version and you can encounter cool arrivals to the franchise. If you are lucky and successful in finishing your job, you will open something. Remember that you will be recommended to dig deeper into a hidden lore and secrets! They will help you learn much more about your journey. Much fun!

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