Shadows Awaken FNaF download is a new horror survival game. Enter a dark restaurant in Shadows Awaken to perform your mission and try your best to survive!

Download Shadows Awaken FNaF for free and you will begin as a security guard at a pizzeria. Explore the location and defend your character from all animatronics!

FNaF Shadows Awaken gamejolt is a nice-looking psychological creepy FNaF fangame

Now, it is a cool FNaF download on PC. At the start, you will appear in a spooky pizza restaurant. And, you can find several bizarre animatronic mascots. Further, as in Five Nights at Freddy’s, they will be the enemy that you must block or you will die.

FNAF Shadows Awaken 3D Game
FNAF Shadows Awaken 3D Game

Go through Shadows Awaken stages and stay alive

So, FNaF Shadows Awaken gamejolt is known as a fun psychological horror FNaF fan-made game. According to the developer, it is a project that they create for practice only. Moreover, the player can roam. However, that is not a long experience.

Watch out! Something can catch you while you are moving. Not only that, you can get into trouble if you cannot prevent your foes from getting close to your space.

Shadows Awaken 3D is currently free to download with the old demo. Face the scariest monsters and stay alive!

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