Plush Nights at Freddy's
Plush Nights at Freddy’s

Plush Nights at Freddy’s is a horror pointnclick fangame of FNaF. In which, you will play like a child. Unfortunately, you are trapped in a cradle for five nights. Meanwhile, some animatronic characters are finding you. They are in the form of stuffed animals. Although they look tender and harmless, they can surprise you. By suddenly appearing in front of your eyes, they can deploy dangerous attacks to catch and kill you after that. They need your blood to feed monsters possessing them inside.

Engage in Plush Nights at Freddy’s Gamejolt you must protect your life by using a flashlight with the limited battery. Control that item smartly or you can get troubles when its resource runs out! When Bonnie (left), Chica(right) and Freddy (center), get close to you, you only illuminate them until they disappear, in the case of Foxy, if you have to illuminate him. Otherwise, you will be destroyed. Do not enlighten him! It is a strategy that you are forced to memorize. It’s time to download and test your survival ability! Much fun!

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