Overnight : Revived
Overnight : Revived

Overnight : Revived is one of the top Fnaf download fan-made games made in Unity 3D and programmed with C#. There are plenty of familiar terrifying free-roaming animatronics and camera systems. It is also a remaster of the first version called Overnight. Are you ready to join a completely immersive experience and finish your mission?

It is available to directly get Overnight : Revived on Gamejolt! Remember to wander around the establishment and keep away from the robots’ site! There will be a feature to set again the generator once every night. Be careful! Always defend yourself or you will lose immediately! Note that it is not a VR game. Although Unity auto-added the support, it is not programmed. It is very bugged. Are you willing to embark on your job and fulfill it? Prepare for the upcoming survival horror match and control every tool smartly in order to stay alive at the end!

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