One Night at FNaF 2's is another FNAF Gamejolt Download free game set in a fictional pizzeria where you have to use your flashlight to defeat a creepy boy.

One Night at FNaF 2’s Gamejolt is the next horror adventure game that you may want to try. It is inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, promising to give you more challenges to conquer. This FNAF fan game was created in 3.5 hours by a talented fan. It was made for fun and dedicated to the fans of horror games.

One Night at FNaF 2's
One Night at FNaF 2’s

The game is set in FNaF’s pizzeria where there is a white boy moving around at night. You become a night watchman working at this pizza restaurant. While you are sitting in your office checking all corners of the building through the cameras, the boy wants to get into your place to jumpscare you. For your survival, you cannot let him in.

You must use your light smartly to flash at him and quickly close the doors to stop him from entering the office. Remember that you have to use the flashlight wisely because its battery is very limited. You can recharge it by opening your monitor. The goal for you is to survive until 4 AM. Have fun and good luck with One Night at FNaF’s free download!

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