Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM ) is a horror FNAF fangame containing various subtitles. Join the match, meet up with a scary rabbit, and survive as long as possible! It is the main enemy that you will have to face during the night shift. You are hired to watch over a creepy building for many hours. However, your survival will be first priority after you download Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM ) free. Therefore, you must focus on supervising all of the roaming monsters because you cannot know when the foes appear. Especially, you need to prevent them from invading your office. Otherwise, you will be captured and killed. There is mysterious lore to play Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM ) Gamejolt. Besides, you can take part in a custom night and dig deeper into the storyline through animated cutscenes. Are you ready to involve in the adventure, show up your abilities, and defeat every rival? Good luck!

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