Jollibee’s is a nice horror fangame inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Discover a dark building and remember to defend against all the lurking animatronics! More importantly, you need to survive before you become the winner.

It’s free to download Fnaf Jollibee’s Gamejolt! It is a place in which kids can find the best food and parties. It is also the location where you are trapped. You are forced to supervise everything comprising your enemies while they are roaming via security cameras. Aside from these tools, you are able to use other devices to prevent those scary robotic monsters from breaking into your area. Play Jollibee’s with Popo in his playroom, celebrate events with Yum, and you will have the chance to be entertained by the one and only. Are you ready to explore and conquer your own sci-fi story and escape? Try to master resources to stay alive at the end!

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