The cool demo of Fredbear’s Dinner a free-to-download fan-made game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s has been released! It is available for all to play. Open the door of Fredbear’s Dinner and work as a night security guard. Your shift will happen from 12 AM to 6 AM. During that period, you need to supervise devices and animatronic robots such as Bonnie, Freddby, Chica Foxy, Fredbear a springbonnie. They will be your enemy in the Fredbear’s Dinner.

Fredbear's Dinner Demo
Fredbear’s Dinner Demo

Similar to the original FNAF made by Scott Cawthon, you must prevent them from appearing in front of your eyes. The power will be reduced each time you use tools in the office. If that important resource depletes before you win, you will be extremely vulnerable. In other words, those scary monsters can get close to your area and perform deadly jumps easily. Are you ready to experience one of the newest versions of the Fnaf series? It is currently gettable on Gamejolt or you can join here without charge!

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