FNaS Collection v1 is a free collection you can download and play a lot of old FNaS games for amazing challenges and more confrontations with animatronics. 

FNaS Collection v1
FNaS Collection v1

FNaS Collection v1is a full collection you will need if you are a big fan of FNAF games by Scott Cawthon. FNaS Collection v1 is totally free to download. You just simply get it on your PC, extract all the files in the ZIP into a folder for it to function perfectly. All of the old FNaS games finally return and they are all merged into a single game for you to explore. You can join these old games for more challenges as well as test your skills again with them. The animatronic robots also return to you, meaning you must be careful when dealing with them for your survival. Good luck!

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