FNaF World Simulator
FNaF World Simulator

FNaF World Simulator is a fan-made FNaF World sequel that is totally free to download. Say hi to this Fnaf fan game to experience more awesome challenges. You will take on the role of more than 60 characters and will meet again many old friends with familiar enemies from a new perspective. In this title, Freddy has finished “the game” and he obtained an unjust amount of power. He will use the new powers to capture Animatronica and slay all enemies left in it. The so-called “enemies” now have to prevent Freddy before it’s too late. You will take control of your chosen character and try your best to defeat Freddy using your given unique abilities. After battles, you can go around to explore the vast worlds with more chips and other handy equipment for you to pick up. Will Freddy be withdrawn all of his power? You will find your answer once joining this adventure!

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