FNaF World: Battlegrounds free download focuses on epic battles between animatronic robots from the famous FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. Join and conquer all battles!

FNaF World: Battlegrounds is created by a fan and completely inspired by FNaF World by Scott Cawthon. It features the same list of characters with some new ones. The game will bring you a new gaming experience for its different gameplay mechanics. Just get ready to meet more than 100 animatronics and have fun with them.

FNaF World: Battlegrounds
FNaF World: Battlegrounds

The most interesting thing about FNaF World: Battlegrounds free download is its unique gameplay mechanics. You will meet random well-known enemies, such as Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Foxy and more from the FNaF series. Or with random attacks, you can strategize your attacks based on your chosen character. With random starting stats, every animatronic robot has its own stats that are randomly created. This means you will get a whole new experience whenever you play the game. Try your hardest to defeat all enemies and you will have a random chance to unlock a new character. Everything is so random, everything is so fun! Join FNaF World: Battlegrounds for free now!

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