Fnaf Ultimate Edition (Official) is a horror Fnaf fangame available on mobile. Play as a watchman and keep hostiles away from the office to block scary jumps!

Download Fnaf Ultimate Edition for free and experience the new official fan-made game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s! It’s time to take the best parts from the cool FNaF series and put them together! Join the latest version and dig deeper into an interesting story as your preference! It is different from the original’s plot. Besides, you will receive some special mechanics. It is regarded as a good replacement for FNAF if you miss it.

Fnaf Ultimate Edition (Official)
Fnaf Ultimate Edition (Official)

Play Fnaf Ultimate Edition Android on Gamejolt you will be required to view what appears to be a number of recordings. You will have to watch over a young boy and a girl. They are finally taken by a man to Freddy’s Pizzeria. While you do not get enough details, you are able to encounter two of the animatronics in that dark restaurant. These machines look very similar to the characters that you are asked to follow. Be careful! you must prevent them from approaching your place. Otherwise, they will use jumpscares to make you lose.

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