FNaF Ultimate Custom Night: Multiplayer is a fascinating FNAF game made by a fan and free to download. You can play against lots of players and try to beat them for Faz-Points!

GameJolt FNaF Ultimate Custom Night: Multiplayer download is a nice game based on the Ultimate Custom Night in the original Scott Cawthon’s FNAF games. You can download and play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night online with the multiplayer element for free. In this fan-made title, you will experience a completely new adventure with different game modes to explore.

FNaF Ultimate Custom Night: Multiplayer
FNaF Ultimate Custom Night: Multiplayer

Like other FNAF GameJolt Download versions, in this one, you will meet the famous animatronic robots once again. The in-game modes are so diverse. You can pick one FNAF character that you like then control it to beat the Night Guard for Faz-Points, or you can protect yourself from the robots as well as gain more Faz-Points depending on the number of people play. Feel free to battle against more than 70 players in one battle. Don’t forget to improve your characters using the Faz-Points so they can become much faster. Pay attention to some special animatronics because they will have more Faz-Point revenue than normal ones. Have a blast with this FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Co-Op game!

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