FNAF MIX IV is the final chapter in FNAF MIX series created by a fan. Step into it now for a new adventure then see if you can make it till the very final night. 

FNAF MIX IV is another game by a fan based on the original FNAF series. It’s also a new and final game in FNAF MIX series. Once you partake in it, you will experience some wonderful features, such as a new story, ultra mix, points, and shop system, etc. A whole new scary world is opening up in front of you, so prepare everything you need for this adventure now.


FNAF MIX IV is a free-to-download FNAF Fanmade game taking you to a new place where you also work as a night guard who sits in his office to watch over the whole building via cameras. However, you cannot finish this job easily due to the obstruction of the animatronic gang. You should use your strategies and buy some stuff in the shop, like toys or good equipment, then use them to fend off those enemies before they come to jumpscare you. FNAF MIX IV is proud to have new mechanics, promising to keep you engaged for hours.

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