FNAF 2 Mod (Full Version!)
FNAF 2 Mod (Full Version!)

FNAF 2 Mod with the complete version is available on Gamejolt. It offers a fantastic tool and other items that you can use without charge. It means that you are allowed to solve the animatronics. Actually, it is an amazing feature that you could not do when playing the original FNAF.

It is a mod for the second chapter or FNaF 2. Therefore, the real FNAF 2 application will be required. Do not forget to put the actual game in a folder with that mod! Further, ensure that it is titled “FiveNightsatFreddys2”. After you finish the first step, you can open it. Do not trick by naming any other file “FivenightsatFreddys2”! FNAF 2 Mod is a free-to-download remake including plenty of interesting elements.

To manage your models smoothly in FNAF 2 Mod, you should learn about keys to interact with them. For example, you will press Q to choose Toy Freddy, W to Toy Bonnie, E to Toy Chica. Besides, you can select Withered Freddy with R, T to Withered Bonnie, Y to Withered Chica, U to Withered Foxy. Meanwhile, hitting Space bar will cause Foxy to leave the hallway. It’s easy to handle Mangle (I), Balloon Boy (O), unwind music box (P), move the Puppet (L) in FNAF 2 Mod. With Golden Freddy in the office (G) and Golden Freddy in the corridor (H), you can check extra buttons like D (debug counters). It’s time to explore everything!

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