Five Ventures With 39 (Official)

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The official FNaF Five Ventures With 39 is an interesting RPG fan-game. It is set hours after 39 ingested the drug in an alley. The main character has stepped into a colorful place as in FNAF World. He has finally united with his buddies again. In Five Ventures With 39, you are called for by a masked person who tells you an ancient evil force has risen. It is an impending doom to your universe.

Five Ventures With 39 (Official)

Download Five Ventures With 39 Gamejolt for free and delve deeper into a location named the Sky Palace and take on the Bad Guy. You need to control the weapon and abilities wisely to drain the foe’s power before they do the same for your heroes. It is the ultimate test that you are forced to win. There are four classes with special skillsets, two endings, and a classic stock RPGMV experience. They are waiting for you to discover and conquer. Wake up and get ready to reach the end of the adventure now!

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