In Five Nights with Mac Tonight free Gamejolt download, you are a night worker who has to check the activities of the restaurant and fight off the Mac Tonight animatronic!

Five Nights with Mac Tonight
Five Nights with Mac Tonight

Five Nights with Mac Tonight Gamejolt is a FNAF Download fan game taking inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s owned by Scott Cawthon. In this title, you had already signed up for a night job at a famous fast food restaurant called McDonald’s. This is a restaurant that always provides a Mac Tonight animatronic from the famous 1980 commercials he already starred in. Your job is all about watching over the building and checking all the activities around it using Security Cameras, with a panel given by the Company. Your shift starts from 12 AM to 6 AM. There were some workers that caught sight of the Mac Tonight animatronic moving out of place every morning. This means he will start moving from rooms to rooms at night. As a night guard, you don’t only protect the building but also yourself. Try to make sure that the robot and his friends will not enter your office, or else you will be jumpscared. Join it now! Remember to play Five Nights with Mac Tonight Halloween as well as Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered!

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