Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered focuses on the animatronics being malfunctioned before arriving at McDonald’s. You will watch over them and make sure they work correctly!

Among FNAF horror fan games, Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered can be an outstanding one with great features and graphics, not to mention its gameplay. You can join this fan game by downloading it for free to your computer. Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered free download revolves a new story. Through the early 1990s, McDonald’s had released its advertising campaign for the new products with a completely new animatronic mascot named Mac Tonight.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered
Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered

This advertisement was very successful when lots of people came to McDonald’s to buy their products as well as Happy Meals for them and the kids. Christ is the manager of this place, and he had ordered some new Animatronics to be shipped to the restaurant so he could make more money. However, these animatronics had malfunctioned in the Warehouse before they came to the restaurant. They had to be fixed, causing their arrival to be delayed. The manager hired you as a night worker working on the night shift at McDonald’s. You need to make sure that they work correctly and they will not enter your office to jumpscare you. Download Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered fan game to experience this horror adventure!

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