Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Non-Canon game takes you on a new quest! You have to protect a place full of properties and stop anyone from stealing stuff there.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 is a non-canon version created by a fan and it has nothing to do with the two previous games: Five Nights with Mac Tonight 1 & 2. For more challenges as well as a new adventure, you can download this non-canon game for free and play it on your computer. Here’s the story of the game. In the year 2015, a group of people has a plan to rebuild McDonald’s that was abandoned a long time ago.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3

They want to change it into a Deep Discover Centre. It is known as Friendship 500! Nevertheless, there were some gangs sneaking into this place overnights sabotaging it with graffiti and more. A night watchman has been hired, and that one is you. You come to this place working on the nightshift to make sure that no one will barge in. On your first night, you realize something strange is happening here. Gather up all of your bravery to find out what it is and try your best to get through all of it. Download Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 for free!

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