Continue your horror adventure with Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered – the second chapter in Five Nights with Mac Tonight series based on FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. In this fan-made horror FNAF game, a McDonald’s restaurant is being closed for some readjustments, and this place is going to have more brand new animatronic robots.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered

The problem is that the animatronics are ready to be delivered, while the building has not been completed yet. Now, the owner of this place needs your help! You are the only one who can help him safeguard the buildings through overnights. As a night watchman, you must use the cameras with other provided equipment to check all the corners of the building and make sure nothing goes wrong.

At the same time, you ought to defend yourself from those robots as they roam through various rooms. Track their movements, close the doors to stop them from entering your place, otherwise, you will be jumpscared. Can you survive all nights and complete the job?

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