Five Nights With 39 (Official) is an exciting Fnaf fangame. It's free to play at Gamejolt Download now! Try to conquer difficulties and take over all trophies!

Explore every version in Five Nights With 39 (Official) a cool Fnaf fan-made game and become the best player as soon as possible! You are trapped and you must protect your life by dodging deadly jumps of a teal animatronic bunny and his little pal.

Five Nights With 39 (Official)
Five Nights With 39 (Official)

Otherwise, you will lose. In Five Nights With 39, it’s really fun to boop his nose if you want to keep him away from your spot. There are seven playable nights along with a mysterious story and more secrets waiting for you to uncover at Gamejolt Download without cost. Good luck!

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