Five Nights at Wario's 4
Five Nights at Wario’s 4

Five Nights at Wario’s 4 is the last chapter in Five Nights at Wario’s series created by WwwWario and based on FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. Once again, you will face off against many different animatronic robots that are all coming back in this fourth installment. What makes this FNAF fan game different from the original games is that it has no office, instead, it will be situated in a room where you can use a television with many channels to switch through. These channels are like the cameras and you must watch them carefully to track the movement of the animatronic robots. They are coming to you just to jumpscare and kill you. Try your hardest to survive all of the scary nights that you are going through for a chance of winning. Most nights begin easy with not many things happening, but when you progress further into the game, the nights will become much more challenging to get through. Good luck!

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