Download Five Nights at the Chum Bucket free - a fangame inspired by FNAF to experience more terrifying nights against the animatronic onslaught. Play it now! 

Five Nights at the Chum Bucket is a fangame based on Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. Since it was made by a fan, you can easily download it for free. Just like other FNAF GameJolt Download games, in this title, you will also experience new horror challenges and hone your surviving skill more. Five Nights at the Chum Bucket game takes place after the Krusty Krab was burned to the ground by the wicked animatronic workers.

Five Nights at the Chum Bucket
Five Nights at the Chum Bucket

The only living survivor of the inferno was captured by the cruel controller of the robot. You are this living survivor and after waking up, you find yourself trapped in a scary building of concrete and steel. The challenge for you here is to get through 5 creepy nights against the animatronic robots that keep trying to kill you. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive and use all the strategies you have in order to cope with those robots. Wish you luck!

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