Try another FNAF Download game for free called Five Nights At Freddy's Reopening! You have to protect yourself from the evil animatronic mascots if you want to survive. 

Welcome to Five Nights At Freddy’s Reopening where you will experience nothing but horrors. This is another FNAF Download game you can play on your PC and it’s based on FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. You will come to the FNaF Rediscovery and take on the role of Michael’s father. When you get there, you will meet a telephone guy who will explain all the strange things to you.

Five Nights At Freddy' Reopening
Five Nights At Freddy’ Reopening

The mission here is to protect the entire building at night. You will be taken to an office, settle down and start your job. The problem is you are not alone here. Bon-bon and Springtrap, with other animatronic mascots, will become a big challenge to you. They are roaming through the place just to end up entering your room. Be sure that you will wear a mask to defend yourself from Bon-Bon, shut the door in time to stop the Springtrap from approaching your office, or else you will be jumpscared. You shouldn’t use too much energy or air. Just play wisely and you will be able to survive until the end!

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