Download Five Night's at Freddy's 3: Custom Night version Remake for free for a new expedition full of wicked animatronic mascots. Play then see if you can beat them! 

Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3: Custom Night version Remake is another fan creation that is free to download. You are going to experience scary nights in a jail where you can’t get out. You put all of your efforts into getting through this, but it’s impossible. There are much more horrors awaiting you ahead, so get ready for them now.

Fnaf 3: Custom Night version Remake
Fnaf 3: Custom Night version Remake

In this remake version created by a fan based on FNAF game, you will cope with the animatronic mascots once again and this time, you have to defeat all of them for your survival. These mascots start roaming the building, from this room to another room. Entering your office to jumpscare you is their main goal! You’d better figure out how much danger you are in now, then use all of your smart strategies to overcome these horrors. Do whatever it takes to get through the nightmare, survive until the end and turn yourself into the best survivor!

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