Final Hours free download is an MA game by a fan. It places you in a diner for children where you must listen to the stranger to make an escape.

Final Hours free download is a horror game tagged for mature audiences and created by a fan. It is based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, featuring various elements, such as voice acting, third person, free roam, custom OST, and 1980s Vibe. Have your bravery with surviving skills ready for a new adventure awaiting you in this free-download fan game.

Final Hours
Final Hours

You have woken up in a new environment and you have no ideas why you are here. You realize that this place is a diner for children. You want to get out of it as fast as possible, but it seems to be hard to do it. However, if you listen to the stranger talking to you on the walkie talkie, you will have a chance to escape this place. Now, follow the stranger’s instructions and carefully get through all the dangers around you. Will you beat Final Hours free download? Join it now!

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