FNAF FazHonker

FazHonker is one of the most exciting Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games. Prepare for improving your animatronic friends and the vintage pizza restaurant now!  In the small version created in only a couple of days, an interesting FNAF themed clicker, you will have the chance to become a builder. However, you will not have to roam around the place to search and collect resources. Materials to play in FazHonker Gamejolt are always available and you can embark on your mission in an instant. Just click to choose items you want and you are able to perform your creativity easily. Download FazHonker free and you are joining a cool job in a dark building filled with unsolved disappearances. Specifically, you will be asked to upgrade an animatronic mascot called Freddy and friends. Further, you will be required to do the same for the pizzeria where they live and wander around every night. Have fun!

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