Fazbear's Simulator
Fazbear’s Simulator

Fazbear’s Simulator is a single player simulator created by a fan based on FNAF series. The title is taken in a new place called FazBear’s Simulator, bringing you a brand new adventure to conquer. Different from the original classic game, in this fan game, the animatronics can be used and controlled in order to destroy the security guard. The animatronics are able to surpass all the cameras, also they know how to dodge getting caught by the night watchman, which gradually leads them to the office where the man is working. You will play as one of the animatronics, like Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica. Carefully make your way through the building and end up at the door of the office where you can jumpscare the man. Once you get into the room, quickly kill him before he uses something to fend you off. The goal here is to defeat the night watchman! You will have a great experience. Try it now!

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