Fazbear Horror: Sister Location – Opening Minigame Demo

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Download Fazbear Horror: Sister Location - Opening Minigame Demo for free. You work in Sister Location and try to protect yourself from the animatronic robots in five horror nights. 

Fazbear Horror: Sister Location – Opening Minigame Demo is an FNAF Gamejolt fan game that is totally free to download. Among Fazbear Horror Series games online, this title can keep you engaged for hours and bring you various horror challenges that are tough to conquer.

Fazbear Horror: Sister Location - Opening Minigame Demo
Fazbear Horror: Sister Location – Opening Minigame Demo

Your main objective in Fazbear Horror: Sister Location game is to survive all five nights when you are dropped into the Sister Location where you work as a late-night technician who has to solve and fix all technical problems while making sure all the machines work perfectly during the nights. You should be ready to face off against all animatronics from Sister Location game by Scott Cawthon, such as Baby, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, etc. They will disturb your job a lot, so you need to be careful with them and do whatever it takes to stop them from killing you. With an endless mode, a custom night, as well as 5 creepy nights, do you think you can beat Fazbear Horror: Sister Location Demo? Good luck!

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