Curtain Call 2
Curtain Call 2

Curtain Call 2 is a horror free-to-download game based on the gameplay of the FNAF series. The new challenge is set in a lonely cabin in the woods. In which, you find that you are trapped alone. The only fellow comes from the white noise on the monitor. It can comfort you while your feet are soiled and the drizzle keeps pouring down outside the window. However, it cannot save your life.

Curtain Call 2 Gamejolt brings a completely disadvantageous situation because you are not helped. You have to rely on your abilities and tools found around to defend. So, the enemy will include evil and cunning animatronics. They are similar to antagonist from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games of Scott. Before you can escape, you must block them from invading your area. Make use of everything to prevent them, for example, cameras! Note that they can roam and break into your space anytime! For the Custom Night, you are allowed to reset their difficulty level before you play. Good luck!

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