Download Fnaf Craftyboy Custom Night to play another game based on FNaF for free! Get ready to escape from crazy animatronics and the creepy room right now!

Craftyboy Custom Night is one of the best horror Fnaf fan-made games. It is available for all to download and enjoy! Hop into the new version and prepare for the next survival challenge. In which, you are locked in a small room. Meanwhile, you can feel the existence of something scary, lurking in the shadows. What you should implement in Craftyboy Custom Night is to protect your position from deadly jumpscares of monsters. Because they can appear and attack you suddenly, you must supervise every corner in the house via security cameras. They will show you images of roaming or hiding machines. So, you can make a plan to deal with them.

Fnaf Craftyboy Custom Night
Fnaf Craftyboy Custom Night

Besides, there are a few effective tools around your area. Deploy these items properly to save power and push the enemy back quickly! Craftyboy Custom Night serves those who are struggling to join on Scratch. Therefore, they can load it for less lag. It is also the 10th fangame. You can find the link to the Scratch game here

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