Chica's Party World is a horror adventure game by a fan. You play as a detective trying to find out what happened in the restaurant and protect yourself at the same time. 

Chica’s Party World is a fan-made remake of the original game Chica’s Party World which was launched back in 2016. It was made to fit much better into the brand new story created by the fan. You should be ready for this scary fan game that is free for download on PC. You take on the role of Detective Parker, your job here is to find out what happened in the restaurant, and try your hardest to solve the case. You step into the building to carefully check every single stuff.

Fnaf Chicas Party World
Fnaf Chicas Party World

You only have one week to see what happened, all those years ago, even though you have a history at this place. This place has some animatronic robots who are waiting for you ahead. You must use your tactics, good reflexes and nice skills to overcome all of them and do not let them get in the way of your job. Also, try to defend yourself from them, or else you will be killed. Can you make it until the end?

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