Bubba's Diner
Bubba’s Diner

Bubba’s Diner FNAF Fan-made Game is free to download! For all the fans of FNAF GameJolt Download, they will surely love Bubba’s Diner as it offers new horror challenges to conquer. In the game, after reopening, the new Bubba’s Diner has the most modern animatronic robots of the city: Bubba and Porkpatch. Children and adults love their songs whenever they go to this restaurant for delicious food. The owner is looking for a night guard who can guard and watch over all corners of the restaurant from 12 AM to 6 AM. You take this job then start working here for salary. When the night comes, these animatronics begin to act weird. They move from corner to corner just to enter your office. With some equipment in your hand, use them to cope with the robots and make sure they will not jumpscare you. Think you can get through all the nights? Download Bubba’s Diner free now!

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