Encounter completely hostile characters from Baldi's Basics in Custom Night fangame and conquer the new job by being the survivor! Use tools and skills to win!

Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night is an amusing Fnaf download game. In which, you will have the chance to experience another position and play against multiple enemies at once. Although you are only a part-time night guard, you are allowed to reset the AI before you embark on your job.

Fnaf Baldis Basics in Custom Night
Fnaf Baldis Basics in Custom Night

Actually, Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night features 19 characters. Not only that, all of them will be given different mechanics. More importantly, they are customizable in the difficulty level, from 0 to 20. Especially, the creator promised that he would update more items to the Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night soon. So, you are able to adjust your foes’ aggressiveness at the lobby. Your mission is to prevent those rivals from heading into your area or jumping in front of you. Once you stop those, you will survive. Aside from the main challenge, you do not skip minigames. They will reveal many interesting secrets behind your opponents. Let’s enter the building and show off your abilities to become the winner now!

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