After Hours  FNAF Fangame
After Hours FNAF Fangame

After Hours is a fun FNAF fangame where you explore an open world and play as animatronics. Try to catch all of the criminals and return them to the police! Choose a character that you want to start and quickly embark on the new job! It’s easy to move around the restaurant and interact with power. Further, you can terrorize the watchman whenever you like or depart from the lotion to check the small quiet town of Redbury in Ohio. Download After Hours Demo free and you are allowed to fire guns, drive cars, repair parts of your body by yourself and so on. During the adventure, you can switch between Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy whenever. Do not forget to talk to everybody and others to collect clues! They will help you finish the objective, unlock side challenges, stuff, buy endoskeleton upgrades or follow the mission-based main story which is great to reveal Easter Eggs and the FNAF lore. Note! You are the ultimate tool for justice in FNAF After Hours Gamejolt. Therefore, attempt to fulfill your task as soon as possible! Are you willing to begin and obtain rewards? Show your skills and tactics now!

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