Affiliated Location is a new fan-made Five Nights at Freddy game in which you have to solve a mysterious case at the new Afton Cinema. Download the game for free now!

Five Nights at Freddy’s game has many fan creations, and Affiliated Location is one of them you can download for free from Gamejolt Download. FNAF Affiliated Location is set in the brand new Afton Cinema where lots of people come to enjoy wonderful educational films and awesome performances done by interactive robots.

Affiliated Location
Affiliated Location

However, the location is affiliated with Afton Play Room, which already closed the las week. There was a corpse that was stolen for no reason at the morgue, and now you are here to find out why. Make your way through this building using your good strategies as well as all equipment you are provided with in order to solve this case while trying to protect yourself from the malfunctioned robots. You will become the winner if you can manage to survive until the end. Are you up to join this horror adventure? Download Affiliated Location for free now! Wish you luck!

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