A Shadow Over Freddy's
A Shadow Over Freddy’s

A Shadow Over Freddy’s is yet another point-and-click game inspired by FNAF games created by Scott Cawthon. In this FNAF Gamejolt Download free game, you are trapped inside a deserted Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and there are many dangers around you. To overcome this, you must make your way through the location while dodging the terrible darkness that is invading all corners of the building. This adventure is going to be fascinating yet very challenging as your patience and skills will be tested a lot. You have to finish all different objectives every night, uncover all of your lost memories, and more importantly, you need to search for a way out of this cursed restaurant as fast as possible for your survival. Be aware of the shadows of your past on your way as they are always chasing you behind. Make use of your strategies and tactics to get past of them! Are you up to join this adventure? Wish you luck!

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