6 Nights Of Terror - Remade is finally out for free download on PC. Join it now to meet Ricky and his friends then see if you can conquer all of them for your survival. 

Let’s explore another exciting yet scarier FNAF Fangame called 6 Nights Of Terror – Remade which is totally free for all to download on Windows PC. This fan-made FNAF game will be thrown back to Ricky’s Birthday Parlor in the halls of the Long Abandon Ricky’s Birthday Parlor, and also, it will bring you a brand new horror adventure. You take on the role of a curious explorer who activates the old security system in this building, and you find yourself trapped inside.

Fnaf 6 Nights Of Terror - Remade
Fnaf 6 Nights Of Terror – Remade

Now, you’re going to face 6 nights of terror with Ricky and his friends. How will you make your way out of here alive? It will not be an easy journey to conquer, but that doesn’t mean you will give up on it. Try to explore every corner of the building, use your skills to solve all puzzles, and develop your strategies to fend off all animatronic robots before they come to kill you. Wish you luck!

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