Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Halloween Special centers on McFright attraction for the Halloween. You are here for the night job and you must try to survive all nights. 

What’s in store for you in Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Halloween Special – another epic FNAF fangame based on FNAF series? Once again, you will come back to a place called McDonald’s that is opening a wonderful attraction named McFright. All of the nostalgic mascots will be brought back in a terrifying way for this spooky night. In the game, there are a few days left to Halloween.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Halloween Special
Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Halloween Special

Lots of people are so excited to prepare many cool items for the Halloween season, such as costumes, decorations, and candy. The McDonald’s company made a decision on organizing a strange party for all people. Before launching it, the owner of this place needs your help to keep the building safe through overnights. You are a worker who is very good at security, so you take this job, but you have no ideas about what is waiting for you ahead. You must put all of your efforts into managing the attractions around the building as well as keeping yourself alive.

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